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Stadt Staßfurt
Hohenerxlebener Str. 12
39418 Staßfurt

Tel. 03925/981 - 0
Fax 03925/981205



Interesting Facts & Figures

Town of Staßfurt
René Zok, Mayor
Hohenerxlebener Str. 12
39418 Staßfurt
Tel.: +49(0)-3925/981200
Fax: +49(0)-3925/981208

Population ca. 30,000
Surface area 14,656 ha
Geographic position 51°51' northern latitude, 11°36' eastern longitude 
located south of Magdeburger Börde
Height above sea level (ASL) 73 m
Commercial land 288 ha

Staßfurt, the town on river Bode, is centrally located in Saxony-Anhalt – south of the state capital Magdeburg. Staßfurt is a secondary centre with a well developed infrastructure, including motorway access, upgraded federal highways and railway lines. Rivers Elbe and Saale are nearby. Airfield Magdeburg (ca. 20 km) and the international airport are further assets in the transport infrastructure.

The Administrative Union Staßfurt comprises the town of Staßfurt with boroughs Athensleben, Atzendorf, Brumby, Förderstedt, Glöthe, Hohenerxleben, Löbnitz, Löderburg, Lust, Neu Staßfurt, Neundorf, Rathmannsdorf, Rothenförde and Üllnitz.

New trade estates were developed and industrial wastelands revitalised in Staßfurt. Many start-ups set up shop in the town’s trade estates while several existing companies relocated there. Increasing production figures of traditional Staßfurt-based firms give proof of the successful revitalisation of the industrial and commercial location of Staßfurt. One developed and zoned industrial estate is available for new business siting.

A transport development plan was drawn up and is implemented in phases, e.g. by construction of new bridges and roads as well as road upgrading projects. Revamped old industrial and commercial locations were already linked to each other during completed infrastructure measures and connected to supra-regional traffic arteries A 14 and B 6n.

Utility supplies of natural gas, electric power, drinking and service water is ensured. A central wastewater treatment plant is under construction.

An active SME sector discovered its opportunities also in retail. Siting of larger and smaller shopping centres provides for very good offers and attracts visitor from surrounding towns and villages.

The cultural scene in Staßfurt is characterised by a variety of institutions: For instance by the historic Salzlandtheater and its gallery. The repertoire of the touring theatre encompasses theatre, dance, literature and music. The Town and Mining Museum illustrates Staßfurt’s history as a mining town. The events offered by Hohenerxleben Castle and its ENSEMBLE THEATRUM are much sought after. The Town and Regional Library provides a comprehensive multi-media offer for Staßfurt and the region. Staßfurt is situated on the Road of Romanesque and thus a very good starting point for cultural travellers. The historic town walk of Staßfurt has 20 stations that are devoted to the town’s eminent buildings.

One leisure time attraction in Staßfurt is the Salzlandcenter with bowling alley, AquaLand, indoor tennis court, fitness and wellness area. The beached saltwater swimming area with a high salt content is another special feature of Staßfurt. Lake Löderburger See with water slides and a water ski facility attracts bathers and sports from the surroundings. The traditional railway repair workshop with its annual steam locomotive festivals takes people interested in technology onto a trip to the past. The zoological garden is an attractive experience for young and old alike and its well-cared atmosphere invites viewing and recreation. A tennis court, skittle halls, fitness studios and further sports facilities and halls provide a comprehensive offer for sports activities. The Bode lowlands with bicycle, hiking and riding trails offer relaxation and active recreation. Multi-facetted clubs and societies show the Staßfurter’s marked interests and hobbies.

Refurbishment of the old town centre takes high priority. Educational institutions include elementary and secondary schools, a grammar school, a vocational training school, a music school, the vocational training institute of Saxony-Anhalt and the adult education program for Salzlandkreis district plus municipal and independently operated day care centres.

Medical care is extended by District Clinics Aschersleben-Staßfurt gGmbH, independent physicians and dentists as well as pharmacies.

Staßfurt participates with other towns in the International Construction Exhibition (IBA) Urban Redevelopment 2010. The town centre was and is being redeveloped under the motto "Giving up the old centre".